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Synopsis: The Evolution of Oracle Dodd


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Some of the most exciting news about Mars is that NASA has recently discovered methane in the Martian atmosphere. It is a short term gas that must be renewed to exist at all.

Where's the methane coming from?

The two most likely sources are: biology and volcanic activity. No one has seen volcanic activity on Mars.

Another exciting discovery is that there are cave entrances on the planet. The question is: are microorganisms within Martian caves creating the methane?

Months before any such announcements, my science fiction novel The Evolution of Oracle Dodd presented a Martian adventure about massive caves within the bowels of the gigantic volcano Olympus Mons. And within those caves -- well -- use your imagination.

Better yet, borrow mine. I invite you to enjoy a mysterious journey into the caves of Mars.

The novel was entered into the 15th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards contest

Here's the judge's commentary:

"The Evolution of Oracle Dodd" is terrific science fiction. It starts with a bang and continues on with a fascinating plot full of unusual characters and twists and turns -- some that are unexpected. The characters are intriguing, believable and well-defined. The situations are exciting and plausible, sci-fi in it's truest form. Mars, as described by the author, is intelligent and plausible. The action is plentiful, the suspense exciting as the tale leads to a most surprising conclusion. Good writing, satisfying read. Science Fiction fans will love this book.

Do you want more? Then check out The Evolution Of Oracle Dodd page at Caves On Mars. There you'll find more information about the novel, some cool information about the latest ideas about life on Mars, and links to many other fine science fiction books.

To download the entire first half of "The Evolution of Oracle Dodd" for free, click Oracle Dodd Excerpt Here.

This novel of Martian cave exploration is available in paperback and PDF format. If you are on a budget and like to read from the computer, you can download and enjoy the PDF version for less than the price of a hamburger.

You can shop for the story at.The Evolution of Oracle Dodd