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Synopsis: The Children of Tau Ceti


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The picture above is taken from the cover art of my science fiction novel The Children of Tau Ceti. The art itself was created with the Gimp, a fantastic graphics manipulation program that is freely available.

The picture depicts the destination of a great space ship carrying a precious cargo.

The destination?

An Earth-like planet orbiting the nearby star Tau Ceti. Only a dozen years away at light speed, a few hundred if traveling in a space ship. A planet named Eden by those who discovered it.

The Eden of my story is largely a water covered world, often clouded. From orbit, it's an enticing place of apparent serenity.

Then again, even black widows have their charm.

The Children of Tau Ceti was entered into the 15th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards contest.

Here's the judge's commentary:

"The Children of Tau Ceti" is excellent science fiction with a most fascinating cast of characters set in an unusual world -- with even more unusual inhabitants. This author knows how to develop and describe unknown worlds, people and creatures so that they are believable. The plot is fascinating and multi-layered with plenty of action and surprises. The dialogue sounded realistic through-out and moved the plot along. A fascinating read.

Do you want to know more? Then check out the Children Of Tau Ceti page at Squidoo. There you can find more information about the book, see an excerpt, and find other very interesting science fiction books and products.

If you want to whet your appitite, download the entire first half of The Children of Tau Ceti for Free here.

You can get The Children of Tau Ceti atThe Children of Tau Ceti .